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SocialPay allows the mobile ability to Pay Friends, Send Funds to Family and make purchases with your SocialPay account. Link to other payment services, bank accounts and debit/ credit cards.


Merchants will love SocialPays Payment Engine

Allow your customers to purchase goods/services as easily as they send funds to their friends. SocialPay's payment engine allows a seamless, intuitive and quick checkout experience. We also safeguard all the data so you can focus on selling more products.


Use SocialPay to Purchase Goods and Services

Use your SocialPay Balance, bank account, debit/credit card to pay for goods and services. Don't keep reaching for your credit card each time you make a purchase. Connect to merchants using your SocialPay account and pay for your receive products/services. SocialPay helps you keep track of all your transactions and records of all your purchases.


Security is our top Priority

All financial and personal data is protected and encrypted on our servers. Even all your financial transactions are encrypted. SocialPay's security protocols are above the industry standards and we even employ Artificial Intelligence algorithms of Risk Profiling to avoid unauthorized transactions.


SocialPay works with Anyone

You can use SocialPay to pay family, friends, or anyone with an email address or mobile phone number --- even if they don't have a SocialPay Account. Once your recipient creates a SocialPay account they will receive the funds sent to them. SocialPay integrates with your contacts so that finding friends and sending money is seamless. Go ahead and book that next dinner or event and easily split the costs.

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